Multitouch Software Developed For Experiences

Multitouch is ubiquitous now that everyone has a mobile with a touch screen. If used correctly, multitouch used in an experience can be very effective.

Experience registration:

A touch screen with a custom form for people to quickly sign up with, can be placed at the start of the experience. The experience is then personalised for that person. Authentication is also possible if the person connects their social network account, this also enables social network sharing from the experience.

Data collection:

Questionnaires, satisfaction, voting, you name it, using mutlitouch at events makes it very easy for people to participate. The information collected can be fed into a digital signage system in real-time.

Art & Decoration:

Embedding touch screens into interactive bars, mirrors or retail environments makes a space feel connected and alive. The possibilities here are endless, for help bringing multitouch art to an experience, please get in touch.