Share an experience on social networks

All of our experiences have a focus on social network sharing. By using social networks we are able to increase awareness of a promotion from people who are trying it, to thousands of people online. The experiences with the highest participation are installations that let people participate from the web.

There are many ways that an experience can be shared online:


Videos are automatically captured using a software application. Custom content is added on the fly by pulling data from social networks such as a person's name and profile photo. The social content is inserted, rendered and automatically uploaded to a YouTube channel within a few minutes.


Twitter offers lots of flexibility with their Twitter API. Tweets can automatically be sent from a brand's Twitter page, enabling real-time updates from an event. People that log in to the experience via a touch screen can share it with pre-scripted messages. Tweet walls that allow the public to tweet messages to giant boards are very popular, especially when combined with the ability to check tweets via an iPad before they go live.


Facebook is excellent for letting people log in to an experience with. Photos or videos can then be automatically posted to their person's FaceBook wall.


For highly visual experiences Instagram is the place to share it.

We have connected many experiences to social networks, please contact us for further information.