Music video for Amani's Treading Underground

Venturing into the a Sussex forest we took with us a multi-colour laser, a projector, laptops and lights. During the day we had carefully scouted out three locations for our night time shooting. As dusk started to fall we laid cables and completed a final round of software checks insuring we were fully prepared for a magical night time music video shoot.

The laser was programmed to change colour and shape - because the laser was programmed it meant that it could be used for tracking people in real-time with the use of a Kinect. However, as we were shooting a music video instead of using the laser at a live event, it made more sense to pre-program the animation rather than have the laser react to a tracked person's movements. We chose to program the laser with colourful animated patterns that used simple and easily identifiable shapes such as triangles, circles and waves.

Over the course of the evening trees, a make-shift den and a tunnel were all projection mapped with visuals. The projection mapped visuals were programmed (rather than rendering video) and run in real-time making it easy to update and tweak the visuals on the fly. Smoke bombs with various colours created an intense atmosphere and made the projections and lasers take on 3D structures.

The contrast between high tech software and hardware surrounded by the nature of the forest created an environment that was truly magical. Watch the video to get a feel for the moody visuals and epic sounds by Amani.