Virtual Reality Software Development

Virtual reality applications can be custom designed for products, branding and experiential marketing. With the wide availability of virtual reality hardware, it is increasingly commonplace to incorporate virtual reality into all types of promotions. We work with brands and agencies to design and develop apps for one-off events or for ongoing branding promotions.

The kit offering the most compelling virtual reality experience is the Oculus Rift. The Oculus Rift is a dedicated virtual reality mask that connects to a computer, enabling consistent, high quality graphics.   

With the launch of Samsung’s Gear VR and Google’s Cardboard, virtual reality can be seamlessly delivered to mobile phones, specifically Androids and iPhones. Creating apps for mobile platforms is ideal for campaigns that want many participants. The lack of cables on mobile virtual reality apps furthermore enables total user mobility and freedom.

Our experienced team of designers and software developers will help individuals or teams produce custom virtual reality apps. Once the app is ready for launch, we can support it at an event or ensure smooth delivery via the Apple Store or Android Play marketplace. Enterprise accounts can be set up for companies that have apps for employees or apps for key partners that are shared via a website.